Budgie Carving!


I made a linocut of a budgie preening its wing!  The budgie is based on Bondi (you can tell from the heart feather.)


Monthly Mutants: Featherdusters!

Featherdusters are rare, silly-looking budgies that live up to their name.

They have long, curly feathers that prevents them from flying and hides many of their facial features. One famous example is Whipper the budgie.

This happens when both parents are English budgies (with super poofy face feathers) and carry a mutated recessive gene for featherduster budgies. The baby hatches looking like a normal budgie, but when the feathers grow in, they don’t ever stop. Unfortunately, featherdusters usually don’t live long because most of the nutrients they get are put into feather growth and the budgie is not left with enough to keep the rest of it alive.


Today the budgies looked outside, and they realized with that super-smart budgie sense of theirs that today is the summer solstice.

Bondette's already preparing to hit the beach. Or maybe peck it.

Bondette’s already preparing to hit the beach. Or maybe peck it.

The beach bug has hit Bondi, too!

Surf's up!

Surf’s up!

Wow, he’s already gone swimming! Cool goggles, Bondi!

And you have the most awesome wetsuit! (No offense, Bondette.)


For some more cute beach budgie fun, check out Trieste Visser’s blog.    http://skateboardingbudgies.wordpress.com/